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Caution In Taking Medications Include

1. Inform the health care provider of any known allergies or allergic symptoms.

2. Be alert to physical changes in a disease or condition, especially diabetes, heart disease, cancer, vascular or breathing status. Report those to health care professional.

3. Read labels completely then ask a doctor questions if uncertainty exists.

4. Take medications as prescribed for the duration, time of day along with proper administration. Topical medicines cannot be taken orally. When food should be added or avoided, health & wellness depends on following those instructions for good senior health care.

5. Take medicines in adequate light to avoid errors. Double check label and instructions.

6. Wash hands before and after handling medicine.

7. Consult with the doctor before adding any medicine, including alternative medicine and OTC medicines.

8. Never take medicine prescribed for someone else, even if symptoms are similar.

9. Discard unused medicines in proper way.

10.Ask pharmacist how to take hard to swallow medications. Some medicine cannot be broken, crushed or altered for correct treatment for a disease or condition.

Using these specific safety facts known from 44 years of professional medicine experience; senior health & wellness can be preserved.

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