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Is The Sun Good For Your Cat?

Most cats love to lie in the sun. They will find that spot in the house where the sun beats in and lay there for hours. If it gets too hot, most cats will move out of the sun. Cats are smart; they know when to move before it affects their health.

Just like humans, research indicates that the sunshine can help improve your kitty’s mood. It also provides them with Vitamin D which is good for their health especially as your cat ages. Vitamin D can help strengthen their bones. Just like human, cats can get sunburn. If your kitty likes to be outside with you, make sure you provide shade and plenty of water.

Cats with white ears, white noses and white cats are most susceptible to sunburn. If you believe your cat has been sunburned, take him to the Vet right away.

Cats can also suffer from heat stroke. Some of the signs to watch for are panting, anxiety, increased heart beat and lethargy. If your cat if experiencing any of these signs, take him to the Vet. If it is just minor panting, bring him indoors and provide some cool water. Cats have been known to pant in the sun and be fine.

If you do not have air conditioning, place your cat in the coolest room in the house. Also, provide lots of cold water for your cat to drink. And lastly, you can always bathe him with cold water or cool him down with wet paper towels.

The best way to prevent sunburn and heat stoke and get the health benefits of the sun for your cat is to let him enjoy the sun indoors. Make sure there are areas around the house where the sun beats in. Try not to keep all the shades closed.

If there are no good areas in your home where the sun beats in you can always purchase a few cat perches and place them in windows where the sun beats in.

In addition to the heath benefits the sun provides, it also lets you cat see what goes on outside. Cats love to watch birds and other animals outside. It is part of their natural instinct. The perch will provide your cat hours of entertainment and lots of sunshine while you are away at work for the day.

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